PowerBeam 5 AC ISO gen2

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Incorporating advanced engineering with proprietary airMAX ac technology, the PowerBeam ac ISO is ideal for deployments requiring maximum performance and RF isolation.

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airMAX® ac products offer improved latency, noise immunity, scalability and significantly increased throughput performance.The integrated isolator design improves RF isolation to spatially filter out interference, and the metal-plated interior of the rear housing enhances RF shielding. Compare the two near-field plots, and note the superior performance of the integrated RF isolator. Both near-field plots are displayed in watts and use a linear scale.

Ubiquiti's airMAX® engine with custom IC dramatically improves TDMA latency and network scalability. The custom silicon provides hardware acceleration capabilities to the airMAX scheduler, to support the high data rates and dense modulation used in airMAX ac technology. Ubiquiti’s airMAX® technology is proven in millions of deployments worldwide, exhibiting outstanding performance in outdoor environments. The TDMA airMAX protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks.

LAN speed:  (1) 10/100/1000Mbps
Gigabit LAN:  Yes
Other features:  WiFi management radio
RAM [MB]:  64
Purpose:  Outdoor
Collar:  Yes
Buttons:  Reset
Operating temperature [°C]:  -40 up to 70
Weight [g]:  3220
Depth [mm]:  261
Width [mm]:  459
Height [mm]:  459
Power over Ethernet:  20 .. 26V DC
PoE type:  PoE-In (only)
Max. power consumption [W]:  8,5
Operating mode:  Client, Repeater, AP Router, Access Point, Client Router (wisp)
IPv6 support:  Transparent (bridge mode)
Default IP address:
Default login and password:  ubnt / ubnt
Sensitivity [dBm]:  -96
Frequency range [MHz]:  5150 - 5875
Maximum modulation:  256QAM
Wireless frequency:  5 GHz
WiFi standards:  airMAX ac
Transmission speed - WiFi 5GHz [Mb/s]:         866
Tx power 5GHz [dBm]:  24
Security:  WPA2 AES
5GHz MIMO:  2 x 2
Type of antenna:  Built-in
Internal antennas:  2
Antenna gain [dBi]:  25
Se aduce la comanda in aproximativ 5-7 zile in functie de stoc furnizor !


Capacitate Wireless
450 Mbps
Capacitate LAN
1 Gbps
Castig Antena
25 dBi
Numar porturi LAN

PowerBeam 5 AC gen2

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